Book Design Project

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This was a full book design package, including the interior block, three different dust jackets for the separate editions (Limited, Special and Contributor's editions), designed endpapers and foiling artwork for the boards.

It included much image editing; the book contains a great deal of photographs and beautiful illustrations. I scanned in all original artwork and edited it. I used some of that artwork creatively on the dust jackets, endpapers and internally, editing it to remove backgrounds and using layered creative effects on it.

Sadly, the author passed away before completing his manuscript, he had already completed a large volume of work on it and so the family decided to go ahead and publish what Tony had done. I received over 4000 photographs to use freely. I also had some stunning artwork to use, including portraits of Tony and of different fish species. I incorporated a small decorative graphic that I felt looked like the end of a line, and so I used that plus the fish illustrations as the two main themes running together throughout the book.

In amongst the manuscript files that I received, I discovered that Tony had written little notes and ideas about his work. I had the idea to use these within the book, to make it feel like Tony was there, talking to you about it and explaining it; I feel it all came together and worked very well and I hope he would have been proud of it.