Plaster Craft Interiors

Plaster Craft Interiors had an existing website which was created by an online DIY website builder and this was also used to manage it. However, help was now needed to refresh the site as it was becoming a little user unfriendly in terms of navigation and there was much duplicate information in different places.

For this entire job I used the existing content management system (CMS) that was already in place, here's a short summary of what I did:

Shop Pages:

The existing unordered 30+ shop pages were difficult to browse as they were simply listed individually amongst the unordered main menu, which scrolled all down the left side of screen. Therefore, I set my first task to be creating a single 'Online Shop' page as a place for all of the individual shop pages to be categorised, as much as possible within the limits of the CMS.

Page Strucure and Content:

I then looked at the remaining page structure that was required for the rest of the site content. I created, changed and moved pages, I re-wrote content and I removed duplicate information all to create a simplified page structure. I wanted website visitors to be able to find information and/or shop items much more easily and quickly.


Another big change I implemented was to switch the existing vertical main menu which scrolled a long way down the left side of the screen into a horizontal main menu. I also created drop-down sub-menus (within the limits of the CMS which only allowed for one tier of sub-menus) for the main pages where relevant information was applicable, such as, the 'Online Shop' page with its many individual shop pages and the 'Plastering Services' page with its gallery page.


I changed the look and feel of the site by putting a new background theme on it, changing text colours and font styles to be consistent throughout the site and I also did some image editing and created a few graphics to use on the site.

Plaster Craft Interiors Website

The home page of Plaster Craft Interiors website before and after I redesigned it using the current CMS:

Plaster Craft Interiors Website Before and After

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