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In September 2014 I designed and created a bespoke website to promote the business. I have kept the look and feel of the design consistent with the posters that I designed and I have also created matching graphics for use on Facebook in order to keep the visual identity of the business consistent across all media types.

Lakebed Leads Website


The New Poster For 2014

I was asked to design another A3 poster in order to update the photographs as some incredibly large fish had been caught using the Lakebed Leads products since the last posters and Mark wished to feature them.

As before, this largely involved organising the photos and editing them. I designed and print managed the following poster:

New Lakebed Leads Poster 2014

The 2013 Posters

Mark of Lakebed Leads needed some posters to display in shops and at other venues around Devon. I designed and print managed a set of five A3 sized posters. Each poster had many different photos on them, this involved gathering the photos from different sources and much photo editing. I designed several different designs and Mark chose his favourite five, as shown below:

Lakebed Leads Posters

Product Packaging Inserts

Mark also asked me to design packaging inserts for his new products range, he gave me his specifications and design brief. The inserts were for a set of five different products in the Lakebed Leads Products Range (fishing hooks etc) that were being packaged into little clear plastic slip-in pouches. Below are images of the finished inserts in their pouches:

Lakebed Leads Products Inserts

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