Blackaller Portraits In Pencil

David Blackaller is an amazing artist who needed to create an online presence with his business to be able to showcase his work. As well as an online presence, he also needed traditional printed promotional materials such as business cards and posters. The work I have done includes the following:

Bespoke Website

I created a bespoke website and currently maintain it. This involved working with Dave to write all of the content for the site. I also created a few graphics plus I took and edited some photographs of Dave's pencils to use on some of the pages.

Blackaller Portraits In Pencil Website

Graphic Design and Other

As well as the website I also do all of the graphic design work and print management for the business. This includes creating printed promotional materials such as business cards and posters. I also assist with all technical aspects and social media for the business. Below, you can see examples of some of the design work that I have done: A poster, a business card and two of the images of pencils (primarily for the website) that I created from photographs that I took:

Blackaller Portraits In Pencil Poster, Business Card and Pencil Photographs

All artwork ©Blackaller Portraits In Pencil

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